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Awe Lamp Set Opaque

Awe Lamp Set Opaque

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Our amazing glass oil lamps will bring a touch of charm and warmth to your room, giving it an elegant and timeless ambient light. Whether you prefer a classic style or a more modern, minimalist aesthetic, the delicate, transparent lamps will perfectly complement your décor. They will harmonise seamlessly in your living room, on the dining table, the garden table or the windowsill.

Both beautiful and practical, these lamps are equipped with generous reservoirs that allow you to enjoy continuous lighting for long hours without having to recharge them frequently. Plus they’re easy to light up offering a warm, cosy atmosphere in an instant.

Our unique glass oil lamps are handcrafted and mouth-blown by a talented master glassmaker. A delicate-looking but durable product, it gives a warm, welcoming light.

These glass oil lamps are handmade from borosilicate glass, which is a type of glass that includes boric oxide, giving it excellent thermal properties. The material has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion and very high resistance to thermal shock. So it’s safe for you to use both inside and outside.

The lamp oil and wick are included. Initial adjustment of the wick before lighting is important. The wick should protrude about 1mm above the wick holder.

Approximate dimensions:
Big lamp: 29 cm.
Medium lamp: 25 cm.
Small lamp: 22 cm.
Base diameter: 5 cm.

- No two lamps are the same. Each one is a unique hand crafted product and there may be slight differences in shape and colour.
- These lamps are hand coloured, each one is unique. The colours range from gold to purple to blue, as such they may not be exactly the same as those in the photos.
- The measurements are approximate, please allow for slight differences due to hand measuring.
- Due to camera settings, light and display settings, the actual colours may look slightly different than the photos.
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